Hodor's Rave of Thrones (The Game of Thrones DJ) | 22nd Annual Critics' Choice Awards | A&E

Published on May 17, 2021

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Hodor aka Kristian Nairn pumps up the music for the 22nd Annual Critics’ Choice Awards and accepts the award for Best Drama Series on behalf of the cast and crew of “Game of Thrones,” presented by Kaley Cuoco. #CriticsChoice

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Check out clips from the 21st Annual Critics’ Choice Awards ceremony in this playlist:

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The Critics’ Choice Awards are bestowed annually by the Broadcast Film Critics Association and Broadcast Television Journalists Association to honor the finest in cinematic and television achievement. Comedian T.J. Miller returns as host of the star-studded ceremony, broadcast live from the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica.

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Hodor's Rave of Thrones (The Game of Thrones DJ) | 22nd Annual Critics' Choice Awards | A&E

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Hodor's Rave of Thrones (The Game of Thrones DJ) | 22nd Annual Critics' Choice Awards | A&E, Search Show Cast, Little League Football, St Georges Watches, Group Party Games related to Game of Thrones Movie Awards.

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