George R. R. Martin Breaks His Silence On GoT Finale

Published on August 18, 2021

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Well, it happened: On May 19th, 2019, HBO’s celebrated fantasy series Game of Thrones officially came to an end. Meanwhile, the series of novels it’s based upon is far from complete.

As you’re no doubt aware, author George R.R. Martin has yet to finish the final two books in his epic saga, A Song of Ice and Fire. Right now, The Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring are still very much works in progress.

However, Martin made some rather interesting comments regarding the end of the book series, and how it will ultimately compare to the finale of the HBO show. But before we get too into that, please note: Spoilers ahead!

On May 20th, Martin shared a post on his personal website that began on a rather sentimental note, writing:

“The last night, the last show…It is hard to believe it is over, if truth be told.”

Elsewhere, he expressed gratitude to series creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, offering thanks to everyone who helped make the HBO show a reality:

“It has been a wild ride, to say the least…There were forty-two cast members at the season eight premiere in New York City, and that wasn’t even all of them. And the crew, though less visible than the cast, were no less important.”

Then he offered a characteristically vague progress report, assuring fans that he’s still hard at work on finishing the books: it, and then will come A Dream of Spring.”

But here’s the burning question: Will A Dream of Spring have the same conclusion as the show? Instead of a direct answer, Martin went the cryptic route.

He’s got a point. Where Benioff and Weiss wrapped up the final season in six episodes, Martin’s last two novels in the book series are expected to span, quote, “3000 manuscript pages.” Keep watching the video to hear as George R R Martin breaks his silence on GoT finale!

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George R. R. Martin Breaks His Silence On GoT Finale

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