Seth Rogen Completely DESTROYS Game Of Thrones Season 8 Writers D&D At San Diego Comic-Con

Published on June 10, 2023

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Seth Rogen Completely DESTROYS Game Of Thrones Writers D&D At San Diego Comic-Con

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Welcome to the Drama behind the scenes show, I’m your host Deffinition and it looks like it’s not just regular people who are still disappointed with the way that the finale of Game Of Thrones went down. At July’s San Diego Comic-Con, Seth Rogan was a part of a panel to discuss his work on Preacher and where the show was heading in the upcoming Season.

The Preacher panel was due to take place after the Game Of Thrones one in which writers D&D were going to answer questions alongside the cast and talk about the process behind the show. However, they both cancelled last minute probably because of the backlash that has circulated around it this year and this left a lot of people involved with the organisation of the event in a bad situation as they had to scramble together schedules to try and work something out.

Needless to say, this angered a lot of fans, most notably Seth Rogan who had the following to say about the two and the show’s ending.

Man I just found this hilarious to be honest, the petition thing absolutley killed me and him talking about reshooting the final season which was of course a massive new story a couple of months ago when the show was out. I’m really glad that more people with platforms are kinda coming forward and voicing how bad they thought it was instead of just the fans as this kinda gave some of the cast the hump and they slammed people who supported the show for the best part of a decade as toxic even though they were offering up legitimate criticism.

Honestly it’s good that some in a position like Rogan is called out D&D because this was getting hyped up as the panel where everything was supposed to be finally cleared up but the fact that they no showed it just really cements that they don’t have respect for anyone’s opinion if it’s negative. They were kinda showered with praise for ten years and then as soon as people lobbied a bit of negativity towards them it kinda made them run for the hills. I actually think it’s a worse look for them that they didn’t show up as had they went to Comic-Con and stood behind the final season then most people probably would have respected it but now it’s just another big controversy that surrounds the entire season.

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Seth Rogen Completely DESTROYS Game Of Thrones Season 8 Writers D&D At San Diego Comic-Con

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