Game of Thrones Finale Sets Series High Ratings and Series Low Review Scores!

Published on August 28, 2021

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Game of Thrones Finale Sets Series High Ratings and Series Low Review Scores!
The Game of Thrones showrunners have long stated they wanted the series to go out on a high note. And when it comes to viewership ratings, at least, that mission was firmly accomplished.
Sunday’s series finale, titled “The Iron Throne,” delivered 19.3 million viewers on HBO, including streaming, blowing past the penultimate episode “The Bells” which had 18.4 million viewers.
That’s another record for HBO and for scripted entertainment programming this season. The Barry finale also hit a series high with 2.7 million viewers (with 4.8 million in gross audience for the season).
The GoT series finale divided fans, with the episode scoring a series-low 57 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. But despite some complaints throughout season 8, the show’s audience climbed with nearly every episode. HBO says the season is averaging more than 44.2 million viewers once all forms of viewing are counted.

Dany disnt “go mad”. She was the same from the start! How is everyone so BLIND to this fact????? – tama yeager gibson

Totally agree with all your points. Did you know that HBO wanted more episodes and seasons of GOT, but it was Weiss & Benioff who refused their request and said the story had to end in like 13 episodes? Then we find out that they are now in charge of the new Star Wars trilogy to be released by 2022. It should be obvious now, they rushed the ending of GOT because they had a plum job lined up and HAD to end GOT by a specific date or they would lose that opportunity. We all know Disney weren’t going to move the dates of release of their new movie for anyone. They would have just hired someone else to do the new trilogy (time is money, etc) So the fans of GOT who suffered by getting a rushed, poorly written last two seasons of GOT. – Sam “The Slayer” Tarly

normies wake up, this season was awful. they’re trying to gaslight us into believing “oh she was a mass murderer all along” but we all know she was not. the writers of this show should never work again, they got lazy, and they turned a great show into a terrible one – John Conquest

As terrible as her ending was on a writing level, that’s a turn that requires half a season to justify at least, I would give Emilia Clarke an Emmy for playing it as well as it could have been played. – natalie

Terrible ending to what was a great story. It really stinks when writers can’t just go with a good old fashioned happy, every thing works out in the end story so they use the last few to destroy characters Dany said she was going to break the wheel and set people free but then the last two episodes she showed no mercy & was giving no one a choice it was her way or the highway a typical tyrant. – justatwist

When Tearian wokeup I was hoping he was dreaming John killed Daenarys. John Snow was the most screwed of all ppl. His whole life was a lie. Wtf is at the wall the Night King is dead. It was like they used Danaerys to kill the Lannisters then turned around and killed her. – LadyLioness

1st possible ending: tyrior killing daenerys and basically the same story should be repeated as with mad king who was killed by jamie. 2nd possible ending: everyone gets killed. What actually happens? – Minas Pamboris

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Game of Thrones Finale Sets Series High Ratings and Series Low Review Scores!

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