Game of Thrones ratings on IMDb: best & worst-rated episodes

Published on January 3, 2023

Get More Review Explaining improve Golf Game, Mtv Reality Show, Fantasy World, and Game of Thrones Episodes Ratings, Game of Thrones ratings on IMDb: best & worst-rated episodes.

This video lists the top 5 worst and the top 10 best Game of Thrones episodes as rated by users of the IMDb.

Some notes about Game of Thrones ratings:

  • Season 8 of Game of Thrones has all the worst episodes in the series. Fans seems to hate Season 8 Episode 6 episode “The Iron Thrones”. We might see this Series Finale episode get ratings even lower in the near future.

Game of Thrones best rated episodes on IMDb:

Battle of the Bastards 9.9
Hardhome 9.9
The Rains of Castamere 9.9
The Winds of Winter 9.9
The Spoils of War 9.8
Blackwater 9.7
The Children 9.7
The Door9.7
The Laws of Gods and Men 9.7
The Lion and the Rose 9.7
The Mountain and the Viper 9.7
And Now His Watch Is Ended 9.6
Baelor 9.6
The Watchers on the Wall 9.6
Fire and Blood 9.5
The Dance of Dragons 9.5

Game of Throne worst rated episodes on

The Wars to Come 8.6
Blood of My Blood 8.5
No One 8.5
A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms 8.1
Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken 8.1
Winterfell 7.9
The Long Night 7.8
The Bells 6.4
The Last of the Starks 5.8
The Iron Throne 4.5

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Game of Thrones ratings on IMDb: best & worst-rated episodes

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