Best Girona Game of Thrones Film Locations Guide | Spain Travel Vlog

Published on August 11, 2023

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Game of Thrones shot some of their scenes in Girona. This ultimate Girona Game of Thrones guide, will show you the Game of Thrones shooting locations in Girona.

For the written version to take with you when you are in Girona, with directions, please check out my latest article here:

Mainly season 6 has been shot in Girona and for that reason we will visit places such as:

Girona Cathedral (The Sept of the High Seven)
Sant Pere de Galligants (Entrance to the Citadel)
Plaça dels Jurats (Braavos Theatre Scene)

If you are wondering what else I did in Girona don’t forget to check out my latest video just covering Girona:

In the meantime enjoy those Game of Thrones shooting locations in Girona.

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Best Girona Game of Thrones Film Locations Guide | Spain Travel Vlog

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Best Girona Game of Thrones Film Locations Guide | Spain Travel Vlog, Search Watch NFL Football Games, Samsung Lcd TV about Game of Thrones Filming Barcelona.

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