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Get Latest Research Top Searched ender’s Game, Online Marketing, Disneyland Resort Lost And Found, and Where Was a Game of Thrones Filmed, DAENERYS TARGARYEN MEEREEN – KLISS FORTRESS GAME OF THRONES FILMING LOCATION CROATIA.


Hi lovelies, it is time for another Game of Thrones filming location video from our holiday in Croatia. This place I actually knew about, not like the place in my previous video (see the linked video)😅The location I am sharing in this video is Kliss Fortress and this place was used in the series to portray parts of Meereen (if I remember right then specifically season 4 and 5). This place is very beautiful and has an amazing view over the mountains and the sea. I can imagine how the crew was there filming and hopefully also enjoying the beautiful scenery that is partly also shown in the series🙂I felt a little like Daenerys Targaryen walking on the streets of Meereen and I swear I could almost hear the distant chant of the people of Meereen😜 I hope you will enjoy watching this video and will recognize the locations from the scenes.🙂 Enjoy!

ARYA STARK GAME OF THRONES FILMING LOCATION CROATIA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oj0KuqlOwuw

The video has fragments from the Game of Thrones series which are the sole property of HBO (All rights reserved).

If you have any additional questions about this place (Kliss Fortress) please feel free to ask me in the comments🤗

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DAENERYS TARGARYEN MEEREEN – KLISS FORTRESS GAME OF THRONES FILMING LOCATION CROATIA, Explore Fantasy Fiction, Watch Soccer on the Web, Study Basketball, Games of Thrones about Where Was a Game of Thrones Filmed.

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