Game of Thrones Dragonstone Lookalike Beach in Portugal

Published on August 9, 2021

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Erin and Davey explore beaches in the Algave region of southern Portugal and catch Van Morisson’s show at a Jazz concert.

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Albandeira Beach
​Praia do Marinha
Benagil Beach
Praia do Martinhal
Salema Beach
Odeceixe Beach

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Joji – “Pills”
Joji – “Will He”
Vok – “Adrift”

Erin and Davey are American expats living in Luxembourg. Together, these college sweethearts caught the travel bug while studying abroad in Florence, Italy. Over the past 15 years, they’ve established home bases in Boston, San Francisco and Los Angeles while traveling to many international destinations. This vlog is a way to share their adventures with friends and family and it’s also a time capsule for when they’re old and grey.

Inspired by Sailing La Vagabonde, Kara and Nate, Rich Roll, Tim Shieff, Lost Leblanc, Thomas Alex Norman, Neistat Brothers.

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Camera: Canon G7X, iPhone, GoPro, DJI Mavic Pro
Software: FinalCutPro, AfterEffects

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Game of Thrones Dragonstone Lookalike Beach in Portugal

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