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We’re huge Game of Thrones nerds, (so excited about House of the Dragon premiere!) so when we found out that many of the scenes were filmed in the Seville area in Spain we had to go check them out.

We start with the stunning Royal Alcázar of Seville (Real Alcazar de Sevilla.) Many of the scenes set in the Martel palace of Sunspear in Game of Thrones were set in this gorgeous 14th century palace. Dorne has a very distinct Andulusian feel in the show so I wasn’t surprised to find that many scenes were filmed in this iconic southern spanish landmark.

In the Alcazar’s ornate hall of ambassadors they shot a scene in Season 5 episode 9, where Jamie meets Prince Doran Martell to discuss Jamie’s presense in Dorne and for Bronn to try to make amends for hitting Prince Tristane.

The beautiful gardens surrounding the Royal Alcazar also feature in the show. In Season 5 episode 6, Prince Tristane and his betrothed Princess Myrcella walk the gardens. Jamie & Bronn arrive to attempt to take the princess back to Kings Landing they are ambushed by the Sand Snakes and a fight ensues.

Near the Pool of Mercury a scene from Season 5 Episode 2 is filmed where Ellaria Sand argues with Prince Doran, insulting him for his refusal to avenge the death of her beloved Oberyn Martel.

The Baths of Maria Padilla feature briefly in Season 5 Episode 6 when Ellaria meets her daughters in the baths to plot her revenge after Prince Doran refuses to help.

We wanted to visit the Seville Shipyards (Reales Atarazanas) but the site was closed during our visit. Not to worry, we did manage to get some shots through a broken window! The shipyards stood in for the dungeons under the red keep in Game of Thrones Season 7. You might remember a scene in which Qyburn brings Queen Cercei under the keep to show her the giant crossbow he has devised to defeat Daenerys’ dragons. They shoot a bolt right through one of the old dragon skulls.

Our last location was the Roman Amphitheatre of Italica, just outside of Seville in Santiponce Spain. The Ampitheatre was the set of the old Dragon Pit in Kings Landing which was the stage for two very pivotal scenes in seasons 7 & 8.

In Season 7, the very first meeting between Cercei and Daenerys takes place here when the alliance from the north bring one of the walkers down from beyond the wall. They want to convince Cercei to join the war against the dead by showing her just how horrifying the undead are.

And finally in Season 8 the amphitheatre is where all the remaining high lords meet to choose a new king.

If you’re a Game of Thrones nerd like us we hope you enjoy seeing all of these amazing locations!

00:00 – Intro
00:13 – Royal Alcazar
01:58 – GoT Season 5 Episode 9
02:40 – Alcazar Gardens
03:22 – GoT Season 5 Episode 6 –
03:53 – GoT Season 5 Epsidoe 2 – Pool of Mercury
04:30 – GoT Season5 Epsidoe 6 – Baths of Maria Padilla
04:58 – GoT season 7 – Seville Shipyards
05:59 – GoT Season 7 and 8 finales – Italica Amphitheatre – Dragon Pit
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