GAME OF THRONES IN REAL LIFE | Film Locations in Split, Croatia

Published on October 2, 2022

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Split, Croatia is one of our favorite places we have ever been to. One of the biggest reasons we loved our time in Split so much was because one of our favorite shows, Game of Thrones, was shot here! We went to all the filming locations in Split and recreated shots from the show. It was so much fun! If you are into GOT, you will love walking through Old Town. It feels as if you are in the show yourself.

Because we came in the winter, there were absolutely no crowds and so much to see. We were able to sit down at any restaurant or cafe we wanted with no wait, see the incredible historical sites of the city with no one around us, and do most of these things for cheaper than during the peak season! However, a lot of the main attractions that are open during the summer are not available during the winter so make sure to keep that in mind.

We are extreme cheapskates so eating at the restaurants in the heart of the old town area was a bit out of our price range, but there were a lot of walk-up places to grab quick bites and some smaller restaurants off the main strip that we could afford! It did rain a lot while we were here, since it is winter, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying our time. It was not nearly as cold in Split as it could have been in other countries in Europe at this time so we didn’t mind walking in the rain so much. Just make sure to wear a good coat, waterproof shoes, and bring an umbrella!

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GAME OF THRONES IN REAL LIFE | Film Locations in Split, Croatia

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