Walking Tour of the GAME OF THRONES Filming Locations in DUBROVNIK!

Published on June 17, 2021

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Let me take you on a walking tour of all the major Game of Thrones filming locations in Dubrovnik, Croatia!


  1. Hotel Belvedere
  2. Pile Bay
  3. Fort Lovrijenac
  4. Pile Gate
  5. Ethnographic Museum
  6. Jesuit Staircase
  7. Rectors Palace
  8. St. Dominika Street Stairs
  9. Revelin Fortress/Ploce Gate
  10. Minceta Tower
  11. City Wall Green Areas
  12. Bokar Fortress


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All scenes from the Game of Thrones series are owned and the property of Warner Bros. Only used for descriptive purposes in this video.

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Walking Tour of the GAME OF THRONES Filming Locations in DUBROVNIK!

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Walking Tour of the GAME OF THRONES Filming Locations in DUBROVNIK!, Enjoy Live Cricket, Watch NHL 08 Playoffs, Sky TV, Youth Basketball relevant with Game of Thrones Filming Tour.

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