Game of Thrones – Live Concert Experience – Hollywood Bowl – Los Angeles – 2019

Published on February 7, 2021

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1. This is the full concert of the Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience in 2019.
2. The whole concert was recorded with my iPhone X. Video quality is not good but audio is decent.
3. All songs are copyrighted, so I am not making any money from any ads on this video.
4. Please subscriber to stay tuned!

Timestamped Song List:
00:00 – Before the Concert: Just a Dragon Staring at You.
01:03 – The Dragon Speaking (in Female Voice)
01:40 – Ramin Djawadi’s Son Speaking
03:14 – Game of Thrones Theme
06:14 – Ramin Djawadi Speaking
07:34 – House Themes: Medley
10:48 – Goodbye Brother
15:08 – Ramin Djawadi Introduced the Musicians on Stage
16:25 – Love in the Eyes
19:57 – Finale
21:34 – The Red Woman
23:55 – Wildfire
26:08 – The Rains of Castamere
29:50 – Ramin Djawadi Speaking
30:52 – The Lannisters Send Their Regards
34:01 – Dracarys
36:57 – Mhysa
40:50 – You Know Nothing
41:54 – Hold the Door
47:13 – Ramin Djawadi Speaking
48:00 – Needle
51:20 – Reign
54:04 – Video of Jon Snow Came Back to Life
55:55 – Bastard
1:01:26 – Trust Each Other
1:03:03 – Video of the Lannisters
1:04:45 – Light of the Seven
1:12:33 – Intermittent: Just the Night King Staring at You
1:13:03 – Second Act Opening Song (A Compilation of Songs)
1:18:28 – Ramin Djawadi Speaking
1:19:40 – Home
1:22:05 – I Am the Storm
1:23:15 – The Spoils of War
1:25:07 – Jon & Daenerys Love Theme
1:28:58 – Winter Is Here
1:29:56 – The Army of the Dead
1:33:19 – Jenny of Oldstones
1:37:32 – The Battle of Winterfell
1:39:40 – The Long Night
1:43:30 – The Night King
1:49:11 – Farewell
1:50:30 – The Last War
1:54:00 – For Cersei
1:56:48 – Be with Me
1:58:43 – The Iron Throne
2:04:35 – The Last of the Starks
2:08:30 – Ramin Djawadi Speaking
2:10:00 – Game of Thrones Theme
2:12:46 – End of Concert Tributes

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Game of Thrones - Live Concert Experience - Hollywood Bowl - Los Angeles - 2019

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