Game of Thrones: Riverspring Trailer

Published on July 19, 2021

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Game of Thrones is a RPG for PlayStation® 3, Xbox 360® and PC based on the epic series by George R.R. Martin, which was recently adapted into a TV series by HBO®. Today, the game presents in video one of the many places the players will get to explore: Riverspring.

Today’s video brings us to the troubled waterside town of Riverspring and Sarwyck Keep, the home of its ruling family. A vacant lordship and civil unrest greet Alester Sarwyck, one of the game’s two main characters, as he returns home after a fifteen-year self-imposed exile. He arrives as the town mourns the passing of his father, the elder Lord Sarwyck, forcing Alester to consider reclaiming rule of Riverspring and restoring order to his lordship.

The township of Riverspring will be one of the many places the 2 heroes of the game — Mors, sworn brother of the Night’s Watch, and Alester, the Red Priest — will have to explore but also to fight through. From King’s Landing and Red Keep to the Wall, an Epic quest awaits our heroes, guided by revenge, loyalty, honor, and family, along a twisting plot filled with betrayal and violence.

Discover all of this in May 2012 with Game of Thrones on PlayStation® 3, Xbox 360® and PC!

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Game of Thrones: Riverspring Trailer

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Martin – This is a series of currently four books and the first book A Game of Thrones was released in 1996. All you need to do is scratch off the “finish” on the card to learn if you have actually won a reward.

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